Monday, May 21, 2012

8-Bit Radiohead

There exists a small but devoted world of musicians who produce 8-bit covers of popular music. One of the most well-recognized such projects was 2007's 8-Bit Operators, a major-label, full-length compilation of Kraftwerk covers. Surely, even among the lofty company of Brian Eno and Kraftwerk's krautrock associates, there is no band more synonymous with the rise of electronic music - and so, more deserving of the NES treatment. Yet among contemporary bands, no one has been more singly responsible for pushing electronica towards the forefront of popular music than Radiohead, particularly on their initially controversial 2000 masterpiece Kid A. Appropriately, then, YouTube user QuintonSung has produced full-length 8-bit covers of both Kid A and its equally astounding predecessor, OK Computer. His attention to detail is amazing, and the overall quality of the production is embellished with delightful 8-bit touches, thrown in clearly for good measure, but never gratuitously (witness the particularly ingenious Super Mario coin effect at the end of "The Tourist"). Both the OK Computer and Kid A cover albums have graciously been offered for free download by their creator (available here), and you can listen to them in their entirety below.

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